Vaishno Mata Enhance Your Projects with a 12-Volt Active Buzzer: Perfect for Motor Bikes and Electronics

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Name : Enhance Your Projects with a 12-Volt Active Buzzer: Perfect for Motor Bikes and Electronics

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Upgrade your DIY projects with the powerful 12-Volt Active Buzzer designed for motor bikes and electronics enthusiasts. This versatile Pizo Buzzer adds a dynamic audio element to your creations, making them more engaging and interactive.

Whether you’re working on a motor bike alarm system, robotics project, or any electronic gadget, the 12-Volt Active Buzzer delivers a clear and attention-grabbing sound. Its compact design and compatibility with a 12-volt power supply make it a convenient choice for various applications.

Designed for ease of integration, this buzzer is a valuable addition to your toolkit. The buzzing sound is not only functional for alerts and notifications but also adds a professional touch to your projects. Bring your creations to life with the audible enhancement of the 12-Volt Active Buzzer, turning ordinary projects into extraordinary experiences.

Key Features :

Versatile Application : Ideal for motor bike alarms, electronic gadgets, and robotics projects.

Clear and Loud Sound : The buzzer produces a distinct sound that ensures your notifications are heard.

12-Volt Power Supply : Compatible with a standard 12-volt power source, making it easy to integrate into your existing setups.

Compact Design : The compact size allows for easy placement in tight spaces, optimizing your project layout.

User-Friendly Integration : Designed for DIY enthusiasts, the buzzer

Country of Origin : India


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